Air conditioner is leaking water

The initial thing you should do is find out if one or more of the tubes is leaking. Should this be the problem, change it with tubing purchased at an Air conditioning supply shop or a good home improvement center. It’s essential to get the correct glue for the line you have purchased make certain to read and follow the instructions.

If when testing the water pump it does not start it’s either busted or stuck. You will need to detach the pump from the electricity and from the tube, eliminate the top of the power pump and clean it out if the pump motor is stuck. If it’s quite old or broken, you’re probably better off replacing it so you don’t have to do this again in the not too distant future.

should the water pump run yet not eliminate the water you will need then to check the anti siphon valve, it’s most probably stuck. remove the anti siphon valve, loosen the ball inside and search for an reason for why it really is stuck. If it appears that a moisture build-up or condensation drainage tube is plugged with green slime, remove it if at all possible (you may need to cut it and replace it later with a coupling). Blow it out or run a wire through it to remove it-or, better yet, replace the entire tube. Should you decide not to replace the line you’ll need to kill off the green scum, a 1 to 15 percent the bleach and water will do the trick, you need to pour it in the receptacle and pump it through the air conditioning drainage pipes.

If the extraction pipe and the power pump are operating, perhaps you may have ice developing and obstructing the line. Usually you can fix this problem quite simply by changing your air conditioning filters.