Air Conditioner repair and maintenance

Or something could be clogging up the air conditioner run off line, thus causing an over flow of the reservoir. Though you might find that it really is the water pump that is the problem, and has stopped working

So very first thing that you can examine is the run off tubes. If this is the problem, change it with tubing available at an HVAC supply shop or a good home improvement center. It’s essential to get the correct glue for the line you have purchased and make sure to read and follow the instructions.

If when evaluating the pump motor it does not start it really is either broken or stuck. You will have to detach the water pump from the electricity and from the pipe, eliminate the top of the pump and wash it out if the pump is stuck. If it’s quite aged or busted, you’re probably better off replacing it so you don’t have to do this again in the foreseeable future.

Now if the power pump operates but doesn’t empty the pan, the ball like anti-backflow prior to the discharge pipe is probably stuck. You will have to remove the suction blocker, and loosen the ball inside eliminate the clog. If you find blue-green algae in the air conditioners extraction tube you will have to get a new one. You might have to use a coupling to attache the new tube Blow it out or run a wire through it to remove it-or, even better, replace the entire pipe. To get rid of blue green scum, pour a dilute solution of bleach 1 part chlorine bleach to 15 parts water into the pump’s trough and pump it out through the pipe.

If the extraction tube and the water pump are operating, perhaps you have ice accumulating and blocking the line. If this is what’s happening you will have to buy new or clean your air conditioner filters.