Can a 2.5 ton air conditioner really help keep my home cooler?

Nowadays, if you arepurchasing a new house, there is a pretty good chance that it comes with air conditioning. In hotter climates it is almost a necessity to have some type of air conditioner. The typical installation price for an air conditioning unit is between $3000and over $10k. If you’re investing in a new home, it usually is a good idea but what do you do when you live in an older house and don’t have that much money to put into it? Your house continues to gets very hot, so what do you do? You might want to consider a small air conditioning like the American Standard – 2.5 ton central Air Conditioner which is fairly inexpensive.

In the event that you’re looking for an affordable way for you to keep cool throughout the summer, this kind of unit can comfortably cool an oversized sized room. It is possible to cool a room which has an area of up to 800 sq. ft. and save money in addition by using the efficient thermostat. When you choose the American Standard – 2.5 ton central Air Conditioner you are given an instruction manual, a remote for easy operation, as well as a replacement filter. The options include 800 sq. ft. air conditioning capacity, which will keep a big space very comfortable. The unit is easily adjustable for different comfort levels with three cool settings and three fan-only settings.

There are electronic regulators, to keep the functioning simple. This air conditioner functions very capably utilizing an antibacterial mesh filter and notifies you when you need a new filter with the filter light reminder. Another useful feature is the included overload protection. It will save you power with the included slumber mode. You have complete control over how long you want the unit to perform with the thermostat. You can determine the spot where you install it with convenient central installation.

Generally, whenever you read merchandise reviews most people recognize the value of a product and no more than a very few really dislike it. Maybe they purchase a bad one, or people have unique expectations. The American Standard – 2 ton central Air Conditioner has very good reviews from the majority of users, who would recommend it too others. Most of them state that it is quiet running, cools their rooms sufficiently well, and the price is affordable. When you are acquiring a new product, you may consider reviews in your purchase decision, but in the end you can’t know if you’ll really like it until you try it.

The American Standard – 1.5 to 2 ton central Air Conditioner is an outstanding value. You can expect it to perform as it says it will. If perhaps you have to have a unit with increased power or size, you are likely to pay more.