Fan-coil units and Split Air Conditioners professional cleaning in Malta

Dirt, dust, fibers and other solid airborne particles collect on all the surfaces inside the fan-coil or split unit. Some of this dirt is organic and provide nutrients for microbes. In addition, collected dirt on surfaces causes: The blower and housing to become dirt crusted thus reducing speed; The dampers and mechanical connections to become dirt crusted thus preventing normal operation; The tube and fins to become coated with dirt thus minimizing heating and cooling effectiveness; The filters become dirt filled and need to be replaced before microbial growth occurs.

Cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of Fan-Coil air conditioning in MaltaInspection, cleaning and disinfection (if necessary) must be performed

The EPA estimates indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Even worse, the contaminated air circulates throughout your house every time the heating or cooling system kicks on.

Sterilair performs cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of central air conditioning systems (AHU and related ducts) and single (split and fan coil)