Home Repair & Maintenance: How to Clean an Air Conditioner Blower Motor and Blade

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This is a brief video of how I cleaned my air conditioner blower motor and blade. It is a simple process and can be achieved by anyone with a socket wrench and some time.

Blower motors can be very costly not only to replace, but also when working poorly. Keeping the motor and a/c blower blades cleaned will increase the power of your system. This in turn will cool and heat your house much quicker. The less your air conditioner runs, the lower your electric bill will be. Nuff said!

If you have rust on your blower blade, it is wise to clean as much off as possible. Prep the surface by taking as much of the crud off of the blades. Then paint it with a rust resistant paint. This will increase the effectiveness of your air conditioner. You’ll be amazed at how powerful the air is coming out of your air conditioner vents.

Air conditioner blower blades can be expensive to replace. So make the most of what you have and restore yours.

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